Water Well Drilling

Well drilling is one of the most important and complicated aspects of owning a quality well. Groundwater Solutions, Inc. has the expertise to site and design cost effective production wells.

Expertise Includes:
• Well siting studies to identify the best location and depth for a new well
• Geologic reconnaissance to field verify favorable aquifer formations or drilling sites
• Replacement well consultation to optimize new well locations
• Well permitting packages
• Drilling specification development to allow solicitation of competitive bids
• Contractor selection assistance to identify qualified company capable of project demands
• Drilling contractor bid evaluation to allow selection of best qualified competitive company
• Drilling contractor management to ensure specifications are followed
• E-log interpretation to optimize new well design, reduce well costs and improve performance
• Geologic cuttings logging to verify formations penetrated
• Zone isolation analysis to eliminate poor water quality aquifer zones and improve water quality
• Laboratory water analysis and interpretation to determine if the water is suitable for intended use
• Treatment feasibility evaluation and budgeting for wells with unsuitable water
• Well rehabilitation to restore well yield, eliminate sanding and extend well life