Well Water Treatment

Maximize the usability of your groundwater by understanding the myriad of treatment options and associated costs. Groundwater Solutions, Inc. has the expertise to help you design and purchase the best suited technology in a sales environment fraught with false claims.

Expertise Includes:
• Groundwater treatment system design, evaluation and budgeting for wells with unsuitable water
• Assistance identifying qualified manufactures to obtain competitive bids
• Treatment system operation and maintenance
• Well profiling to identify zones of low quality groundwater which can be sealed to improve water quality
• Well rehabilitation to restore well yield, eliminate sanding and extend well life
• RWQCB waste discharge permitting
• Replacement well consultation in situations where treatment is cost prohibitive
• Sanitization specifications and contractor bidding management
• Common contaminants include: hydrogen sulfide, boron, chloride, sodium, TDS, arsenic, iron, manganese, nitrate, radio nuclides, iron bacteria, coloform, e-coli, sulfate reducing bacteria